Thursday, April 5, 2012

drowned trail

Last year the canal trail was submerged about April 20. This year it is already impassible April 5. I speculate that the lack of snowpack is worrying water resource controllers and they're holding back water.

Either way, it was still a fun ride. The clouds were perfect, fluffy, in a bright blue sky. Major was joined by his buddy Friday (and my buddy C). We headed out to the lake for an attempt at the whole trail.

We only got about 2.5 miles of it. And then we hit some underwater trail. I decided to try it anyway, sometimes just portions are underwater. The first section was the deepest, lifting our feet to keep them from getting wet! After that it wasn't as bad, and we found an island of dry with good grass for the horses. But we were stuck from going forward: when the water is so deep you can't see the underlying trail, there is nowhere to go but back.

And how awesome were the horses! Major just plowed into the water, no balking, and Friday followed. Major did a little snorkeling and log inspection per usual, but hadn't been in water like that for more than 6 months. Very proud of him for that.

And the water was licking the sides of the trail, another 6 inches and it's gone. But it was great to be out there again. Major felt good, was mostly behaved, though going home we did put Friday in front as a brake! I told C she needs to come on the endurance ride with me as a pace horse! Major knows not to mess with Friday.

I also was doing an experiment this ride. I booted Major (even though usually on these sand rides there is no need) so I could see if they were staying on. On the ride to Auburn one had come off after crossing deep mud and having wet feet. Today we walked through every muddy puddle, sucking mud hole and into the lake with no problems.

I also used my new orange reins. They are so orange they hurt your eyes. And probably glow in the dark. And are awesome!

It was great to be back out, with a healthy horse, good friend, beautiful day.


  1. Maybe impassable, but gorgeous! What an adventure.

    1. Thanks! The fact we were blocked didn't make a bit of difference, plus, plowing through the water was fun! It is always sad when we lose the canal trail, but when it reopens in October we can appreciate it more!

  2. Ooooo orange reins! Snazzy! Looks like a beautiful place to ride and seriously GO Major for plowing into that water--and snorkeling, hehe!

    1. In summer when the lake is high he does even more snorkeling, I just forgot! I'll have to get a video, he puts his whole head in, over his eyes even. Goof.

      The reins are amazing. Of course I had a perfectly serviceable black pair, but these were inexpensive and orange, two of my favorite things!

    2. That's sweet! I had credit points built up at Distance Depot and used my discount to get a matching pair of wine colored reins for Desire last month. I've got a fine black set from my original Hought bridle I bought as a 14 yr old but these match! Hehe we are funny