Wednesday, April 18, 2012

cartoon fun

I'd been meaning to post this forever, but Redheaded Endurance shamed me into it reminded me. She posted this great comic of Joey's adventure by Chris Stone, and I have a custom art piece myself!

I bought this piece and it hangs in my office. It is perfect, down to Major's crooked blaze, my green eyes and glasses, my love of orange, Major's green bridle accents, so fun! (My boobs are much bigger here, you know how cartoons exaggerate!)

Chris Stone is a very talented artist, with an endurance rider wife (my friend B (Becca) and her horse Ziggy). I've seen the drawings he has done with multiple family members, many horses, getting the personalities just right. You might recognize his work from Endurance News magazine! If you'd like a fun remembrance of you and your horse, check him out at Stone Graphics.


  1. Muahaha, I have shamed you into compliance! ;) Very cool picture. I might have to get a couple of me and my various horses done :p

    1. you could get a cute one with all your creatures! I can picture you buried in the menagerie of horses and dogs and cats and goats and...