Wednesday, April 4, 2012

weeee! spring!

Major usually toodles around the arena, sampling weeds. Walking him today I could tell he was in a mood, I think most horses seem to be right now! Who can blame them: great weather, finally warm, shedding that itchy winter coat. In the arena one arm wave was all it took to get him going, and he kept it up entirely by himself, throwing bucking fits near the gate every time he slammed on the brakes and I said "Nope, not going out." His fits are very silly, the bucks more laughable than athletic, he really can't jump at all. But he can trot and run!

And just because the next photo was pretty but a bad exposure:

Watching him made me wonder: I'm willing to ride that crazy beast?


  1. YAY MAJOR! So glad he's feeling better. I think the black-ops gov't scientists came for his brain too...

    1. Oh yeah, his brain is definitely gone! Should make for a fun ride crazy as he might be I'm soooo relieved he's better.

  2. Gooo Major! He seems in fine spirits. Enjoy riding that ;)