Tuesday, March 27, 2012

getting better

(the title must be read in a Monty Python voice, "Not dead yet!" Even when worried, it's funny.)

Major seems to be improving. Yesterday afternoon he was not wanting to eat much at all, so I called out the vet. I knew I'd never sleep and just worry. I know some people wait longer, but since he's typically a pretty stoic guy, I was concerned.

Vet came, my favorite one, who knows Major pretty well. He noticed, like I had, same time last year we were dealing with the vaccine reaction. So end of March=not good.

Checked him over, a little jaundiced which can come from not eating (or a host of worse things). Pulled blood and gave benamine. Vet didn't think colic, but did a rectal (poor Major!), looked ok. They can never rule anything totally out in vet speak, but I didn't get the impression he was dying.

Extra mashes, which he started eating, and I left the barn at 8pm. Those of you with horses at home, be thankful! At home I would have checked on him all night. Vet called to say blood tests didn't show anything in particular. No bacteria, which I'd worried about tick fever. No viruses detectable either, so inconclusive and frustrating!

But got the call this morning from the barn that he seemed a bit better, took his benamine paste, and ate some regular grass hay.

But this is my lunch hour, and I'm out with Major while he gobbles grass. And gets a mash. And a blanket since some serious rain seems headed our way. His attitude is better, not so mopey (my friend used a good word: woebegone).

I'm keeping an eye in him, and so is everyone else. I think some folks at the barn were almost as worried as I was.

"I'm getting better!"

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