Thursday, March 22, 2012

conversations with Major: hike

Oh, Mom brought an apple, yeah! what a good day!
Let's go Major.
Hmmm, no saddle, this must mean a walk! Oh, a walk! I love just walks, we can eat grass and more grass and sniff poop. I think this grass right here looks good, I'll tell Mom...
Nope, keep walking.
OK, soon though?
Nope, we're hiking today.
What??? And not eating?
Yes, not eating.
But I'm starving!
You still had hay in your slow feeder.
Yes, but that is OLD hay, from this morning, this is GREEN grass, and is yummier.
Later, let's go.

Come on Major, keep up!
You walk too fast. I AM keeping up.
Umm, you were a crazy man going home last night on our ride, and were easily walking this fast.
Exactly, THAT was going home.
Don't care, keep up.

poison oak, so pretty and red! Indian Paintbrush and Pipevine.
What are we doing?
We're stopping so I can take a picture, lots of cool wildflowers out.
But there is no grass here! Just yucky bushes.
Oh well.
Oh well? It's a tragedy! We're stuck here forever with nothing to eat. hmmm, moss?
OK, let's go, this is the rock trail.
I know, this is hard, I have to go up and down and up and down and up...
Quiet. I'm walking too, you don't even have to carry my weight around.
Yeah, I've been meaning to say something...
Don't! Or no grass at all!

hmm, life cycle of a mountain stream, interesting...

Hey, this looks interesting, I can read!
No you can't.
But there's a picture...and grass below...
Let's go!
But I'm not done eating, I mean reading...

Oh, we're going home now, up the road! I see things over there making noise?
Kid on baseball field, "That's a big dog she's walking."
Coach: "They don't walk dogs in this neighborhood, they walk horses."

birdhouse in your soul...or ear?

not yummy, I don't even try to eat this.

(prancing) going home, going home, this is my going home dance...
Knock it off.
OK......going home, going...
Seriously, knock it off.
Fine. Oooh, grass!
Yes, we're close enough to home, have a snack.
Yeah, I haven't had grass in like forever.
We stopped at least 4 times and you ate!
What? Can't hear you, I'm eating.

my nose is a blur 'cause I'm eating so fast!


  1. Your poor horse. At least the blue canary was watching over him!

    1. yes, he suffers so. There WAS a little blue bird poking out of the birdhouse! It was awesome, I had the song in my head for the rest of the hike...though didn't sing, Major had suffered enough already...