Wednesday, March 7, 2012

goodnight grimalkin

The stable lost a friend yesterday, when Orange Kitty/Mandy/Grimalkin was put to sleep. Like any good barn cat, she had many names. She shared space with Major when he was in the lower pasture, often sleeping on his hay, and he'd eat around her. She'd inspect his food, demand attention with her green-eyed stare, and had the softest fur. They estimated that she was at least 15-years-old, pretty old for an outdoor kitty. But she always had a cozy bed made up for her, be it a manger with hay padding and a blanket, or the little nest in the back of the ATV. She would greet you with a very crabby-sounding meow, but if you picked her up her purr was loud and happy.

Sweet dreams, good kitty.

food inspector
mesmerizing you for a petting

we'll miss you Mandy


  1. I'm so sorry. What beautiful eyes! She must have had exceptional care to have lived so long outside. Maybe she'll meet Sham's Grimalkin on the other side.

    1. thank you. They just wiggle into your heart...

    2. Indeed they do. Yet our lives are so much richer because of them.

  2. She was beautiful! And what a great life she had. Love her name :)