Friday, March 16, 2012

not complaining

Really. Not complaining about 5 straight days of rain. In a winter where we've only had about 3 other rain days total. We need the rain, though the trails are going to be a mess.

Major however, has been complaining loudly. On Wednesday, it was still raining, and he was actually out in the rain getting wet and not melting! When I walked with him he was full of it, prancing along, so we did trot-outs along the road. Then he settled for munching in the awesome green grass.

Thursday he trotted to greet me at the gate, "let me out!" (he has a whole pasture, really, but prefers to just stand under his shelter). More grass for him, more NOT lamenting about the weather for me.

Forecast says at least 4 more days of rain. No riding this weekend, I'm not that dedicated. Saint Patrick's Day tomorrow will truly be like Ireland, rainy and green. I'll be celebrating my heritage, everyone is welcome to join in!

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