Monday, March 26, 2012

or not. Sick.

Maybe it wasn't me. Maybe he didn't feel good, because today Major isn't feeling well. Not sure what is up. He didn't eat much of his hay last night (though he ate his beet pulp mash) and wasn't interested in the hay all day today. He was laying down when the barn manager called me just to say. She'd checked his gut sounds, they were OK.

So I went over on my lunch break, and he was laying down. He got up when I came to see him, and ate a treat. I made him a mash with some mineral oil (couldn't hurt) and took his temp. Temperature was 100.1, which is fine, though he is usually about 98. Gut sounds OK. Went out to see if he wanted grass, and he ate for 45 minutes. And both peed and pooped. and drank when back in his paddock. But still seems a bit out of it.

So I made him another mash because again, it doesn't hurt, and will check on him again this afternoon. The barn keeps an eye on him too. Doesn't seem like colic, maybe a little virus or something, where he just wants to rest.

Worrisome. Worrying. And my lunch was just a granola bar that I shared with Major. He's worth it.


  1. Oh no. Poor Major, but moreso poor you - I know you're worried sick and he's just feeling a little off. I hope he perks up tomorrow!

  2. That's a bummer, hope he feels better

  3. Ah, jingles for your poor pony. Hope it's nothing, and you both are feeling better soon.

  4. thanks everyone. I hate worrying about these guys, so big and fragile. He seems to be getting better. Guarded hope.