Thursday, March 1, 2012

less worry

Last year Major got his vaccines, and then felt really crummy. He laid down for two days, I worried, had the vet out again, and it took at least a week for him to feel better.

So the vet was coming out and I was worrying. But I really like this vet (he did Major's prepurchase and helped with my old horse). He thought Major looked good, weight-taped him right about 900. He could gain a little weight, but is just built tall and lean. I'll up his beet pulp though, with more riding miles in the future, I don't want him to lose any more.

This time the vet and I were cautious about vaccines. He didn't know which vaccine caused the reaction, though the flu/rhino is the most suspect. So Major got IV benamine (to counteract potential issues), then one 3-way shot (tetanus, west nile, SS). No initial reaction, and the vet was around awhile with other clients. I'll do his next shot in a month, and maybe the internasal form (need to research that).

Another boarder's horse got his sheath cleaned, and since I hadn't done that since last summer, I added that service too. Major was mostly fine: the vet had warm water not a cold hose! The vet sure knew what he was doing, digging around, arm halfway up his sheath, bare-handed, finding the beans. I dig around, looking for the frightened turtle, and have no clue if I'm doing it right. Money well spent.

I stayed around the barn the rest of the afternoon to keep an eye on Major in his paddock. He was a bit confused, and kept looking over at the barn area where I was fiddling around. Saddle got conditioned, bridle scrubbed and shiny, Major seemed fine when I left.

And though the barn manager would have done it for me without question, I drove back that evening to check on him. (Luckily I only live 15 minutes away). It was very dark, almost no moon, as I climbed the hill to his paddock. He wasn't at the top under the shelter (and for a moment I worried), till I shone the flashlight down the hill, catching his eyes in the beam. I walked down to where he was standing, he met me halfway, eyes bright, if a little confused. I looked him over, he seemed chipper, and frisked me for treats (which he got).

I slept better knowing he seemed ok. The next day he was very happy to go on a walk, and pranced along feeling good. I'm not sure if this is how I'll have to do his vaccine schedule in the future, which is a bit of a hassle, but worth the peace of mind.

Plus, his cute face is worth it.

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