Monday, December 5, 2011

weekend warrior

I hate being a weekend warrior. Dark during the week makes it a necessary evil, and I'm starting with a horse who is in good shape, so it isn't the same as pulling out an out-of-shape pony out of a stall, but still feel a bit guilty.

Major didn't seem to mind, as he was bouncing at the end of his leadrope on Saturday morning. He had actually been perfectly calm, even with the strong winds, when some imaginary noise set him off, then everything was so exciting! But we headed down the road to meet Friday at the staging area. When we arrived Major was still too much, so I headed into the forest alone, for some quick work. We trotted up the big hill, galloped the road, and headed back. "We're going home!" he thought. But back at the staging area we just stood while Friday finished up, and Major realized we were not going home, and settled right down. Heading out again, he didn't want to take the lead, he was a bit miffed...too bad.

The trail to Rattlesnake Bar was the less obvious choice, everyone else was riding the lake trail, so we encountered very few people. We had a great time moving along, and while trotting up through some trail steps, my heart lept in my throat as I heard:


Ahhhh, what was that?! Major hadn't flinched, and we cleared the corner to find an excited white arab, but that was the strangest horse noise I'd ever heard! Both horses just motored along, while my friend and I laughed at our fear, we'd both been terrified for a moment. Strange trail happenings. Luckily the rest of the trail was uneventful, even a super fun canter along the winding path, where last year neither of us would have even considered doing such a thing. A few chargy moments going up the hill towards home, but back at the staging area Major was happy to much on grass while we stood around and talked in the sun.

On Sunday I wanted to go out and just do a short, simple ride in the forest, to let Major stretch out from the day before. He had other plans, and was full of energy, so we did quite a few canters, and I tried to video it. He thought that it was a good time to get too close to bushes, and a hand-help camera phone video can make you pretty ill while watching, so don't say I didn't warn you! I think I'll wait to do any more video until I get a helmet cam!

It was a beautiful day out, and I think of trotting along in the forest as pretty quiet: clip clop, clip clop. The video tells a tale of rattling bags and jingling caribiners, no wonder the deer hear us coming! At the top of the hill it was gorgeous, and we had fun coming home.

Lake and turkey vulture
I might be a weekend warrior this time of year, but I like to think I'm the cool Amazon-woman kind...

Don't take my snack, I'm still eating it, see my foot is in it!


  1. I just took my first video while trotting down the trail yesterday and thought the same! Clip clop jingle jangle and that's with boots on--pretty funny.

    Don't worry about what "label" might apply to your current riding state, when you are out there you are out enjoying your horse, so you win no matter what!

  2. At least you don't squeak. My saddle has an intermittent squeak somewhere on the left side. Argh!

    When I can't ride as much as I want, I tell myself that I am letting the horse's microinjuries heal properly. ;) Once they're legged up they really don't seem to mind being weekend ponies. It's almost the solstice, hang in there!