Wednesday, December 7, 2011

dancing in the dark*

Bridle, bareback pad and helmet, we started in the dark. I just needed a ride after a super long work day. Major was happy to oblige, and moved out down the dark trail, surefooted. A bit too fast a couple times, I'm not as secure taking single-track trail corners at a fast trot bareback as in my comfy dressage saddle! But on a better straight section, a bareback canter was just what we needed.

There was a little bit of moonlight, but it was cold. Major was warm and we kept moving, just a couple miles, but enough to reset my mind and remember what an awesome horse I have. That I can hop on him bareback, go out into the dark forest, not worry about spooking or much silliness, enjoy the moonlight and the silence.

We came home quietly in the dark. I know Major could have stayed out longer, but I need to work up to more bareback time. He was grateful for carrots and mash. I was just grateful.

*Yes, my title is lyrics from a super cheesy Peter Wolf 80s song (I am so NOT hip that I have never heard the Lady Gaga version that came up in google search!) If you need a good blast from the past laugh, check out the oh so awesome video...

More useless trivia: Wolf's first single "Lights Out" was originally titled "Dancing In The Dark" but because of the release of Bruce Springsteen's single "Dancing In The Dark" being released at the same time, Wolf renamed the single.

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