Saturday, December 31, 2011

looking forward, looking back

Just like last year, I'm writing about how I am not making any resolutions. But maybe a few ideas are percolating around up there...

Looking back. I had fun adding up my GPS trail miles for 2011: I had no idea I had 669.98 miles! (Let's be crazy and call it 670). 200 miles more than last year! That is why I keep track: if anyone had asked I would have thought it was about the same. More rides, longer distances, that is a lot of hours spent with Major. It is paying off...most of the time. It is still hard to remember how far we've come, especially on the difficult days. I'm sure there will be more of those to come, but the good days will hopefully outnumber the bad.

Most of those miles are booted, with the same pair I started with, no wonder I need new boots. Other than that I am pretty happy with my tack, though I dream of an orange biothane halter/bridle. And a fleece seat saver. We'll see if the new year brings enough overtime hours...

Looking forward. This part I hate. I am a live-in-the-moment person. I don't like to plan. If I do plan, then I just start worrying already. Not planning actually keeps me from stressing out, surprisingly. But, gulp, I'm planning (dreaded word) to try an LD ride this year. I had hoped to last year, but spring was too early and fall got busy. I have to review the AERC calendar, and have some qualifications: not too far from home and not in bad weather (no snow for me). I've talked to a couple friends who have suggested and/or discouraged certain rides, I'll be reviewing my options.

I'm worried already! Major will be an idiot. Everything will go wrong. Sigh...deep breath...months left to plan and train...

Mainly hoping that 2012 brings many good, fun, trail rides, with a happy, healthy horse. I hope all the same for you!

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  1. Yay...a LD ride! I'll crew for you. It will be a new training opportunity with challenges. (Notice the positive spin...keep up the positive attitude)