Saturday, December 24, 2011

christmas eve ride

Presents were wrapped. The few little things left to way was I going to any store. The house was clean(ish). Someone else is cooking dinner. All that's left is to go ride.

The barn was quiet, the trails silent. I rode to the staging area, where there was a single car, no horse trailers. A perfect weather Saturday, 60 degrees, no breeze, no clouds, December! But everyone must be frantically finishing up plans.

We walked down the hill to the lake trail, then I assessed Major's attitude. Pretty good, so he set the pace. We cantered most of the trail, a nice loopy-rein slow canter, around corners and over rocks, he wasn't being silly, just good.

We stopped for a snack, then continued. We did have one discussion, where I did need to remind Major that Santa was still watching and weighing naughty/nice, so we did not need to tear up the hill for home ignoring me.

After that a quick trot back through the forest, grass along the road home, and again ignoring the opportunity to roll in the sand arena for a good roll in the dirt pasture.

A good relaxing time. And a very good gift from Major.

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