Monday, December 12, 2011

crazy man

I went on a ride with two wild and crazy guys today: Major and my SO. OK, so my SO was just crazy for running along next to me for 2.5 miles. Major was just a wild man.

We headed out, Major his usual dragging, and through the forest to Barking Dog Hill. We wandered through there, walking and trotting. Major thinks it is great fun to chase my SO, though we never get too close. Down to the lake and the sandy trail, mostly walking, or we'd trot then stop to snack while SO caught up.

We only did 2.5 miles (in 45 minutes), then split off . SO headed back to the barn, and I turned around and went back out. And out came Major/Crazy Man. Asked for a regular trot: got huge giant fast trot. That would have been fine, if he wasn't also pulling, trying to canter, and generally being a jerk. No brakes, not listening, finally a compromise: you can do your fast trot if you slow over rocks. That was as much as I could get.

So we headed on the lake trail towards Beeks Bight, flying past the cutoff for home (but not without some fighting). Stopped for a breather (mine!) and some grass, and turned around. I asked for a trot: and right into a canter he goes. Sigh...more of this. Again past the cutoff for home, back on the canal trail, a little less fighting (but not much). Around blind corners (I yell to alert anyone we're coming, luckily no one was around). Passing all the other pleasure riders we had already passed in the other direction! Past the other cutoff, now heading toward Rattlesnake. On the lower trail, on the upper trail, he just powers along. I had some other things I needed to do, or we would have been out all day!

Back up to the trail that parallels the road, I made him listen. We were heading home, and the road is 10 to 15 feet below the trail, and one spook that direction sends us down the bank. He was prancing and being silly, we circled and even when I dismounted he pranced behind me up the road. Really dude?

Back at the ranch I untacked and let him roll right away, hoping the sand would help dry the sweaty mess. It did a bit, but still he needed a good toweling. There is only so much you can do when it is too cold to hose.

When I finally looked at my GPS we'd done a total of 13.1 miles. The first 2.5 miles in 45 minutes (with SO). The last 10.6 miles in 1:18! Including breaks! No wonder it seemed so fast! I seriously can't be doing that again though without him listening better, so hoping this week to fit in a couple arena sessions (where he usually listens just fine, so not sure how it will help, but I have to try!)

I am hoping next week to do what a friend suggested: go out on a long ride, and come back to the stable. Tie him up, untack, give some hay (and eat some lunch ourselves) and head back out. A mini endurance ride.

sweaty horse rolling: didn't even take off his halter or boots yet!

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