Thursday, December 1, 2011

sandwich rides

just a cool overcast view of the lake
 A few quick rides sandwiched between too many hours at work. Last night I dashed out of the office, and got to the ranch in almost dark. I still decided to take Major out, walked up the road, and into the forest. Dusk does not last very long these days, and it quickly grew pretty dark. But we could see enough. I hopped on bareback, we walked a few paths, and he took me up a big hill at a trot. Then I jogged down while he trotted behind me, back to the stable and his waiting dinner, 30 minutes, tops. But the best part of my day.

fairy ferns
I had a great longer ride this weekend, taking out Major and his friend Dune. Dune did just fine keeping up, even if I had to constantly tell his owner that Dune was not tired, we do not need to go back just because he has been good for 5 miles. Dune was bright-eyed and chipper, I kept Major below warp speed, and a good time was had by all. Along the upper trail all the ferns have sprouted between rocks, looking like something from a fairytale. I know many places are damp enough to have ferns all year, but ours are so fleeting they are special.

When we got back to the stable I was really glad for Major's shorter winter coat. Dune was a sweaty mess, Major had already mostly dried. He still wouldn't roll in the nice sand arena, but of course coated himself nicely in the pasture, both sides. He doesn't mind these sandwich rides: he is in the moment on the trail, in the moment back in pasture, in the moment eating dinner.

Aren't these weeds pretty in the sunset? Major doesn't care, there is grass!

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