Tuesday, November 8, 2011

conversation with Major: rain ride

Major was already under his shelter.

"It isn't even raining yet!" I scolded him.
"But it is going to, and I can't get wet."
"We're going to do a short ride, I think we can make it before the rain starts," as I slowly walk him down the hill.
 "But it might rain, and I could get wet, I might melt, and I think it is dinner time."
 "It'll be fun, you'll see your friend Friday. Could you BE walking any slower?"
"That was sarcastic Major. Honestly, move it out."
"Fine. But horses don't get sarcasm Mom."

Saddled up and headed down the road, dragging my horse behind me.
"Rain, gloom, doom, wet, no shelter, miserable."
"What did you say back there?"
"OK, let's step it up, we're meeting Friday. You remember Friday? We're taking him on a rehab ride, so you have to be good."

Major tries to stop to snatch grass. Stop to poop. Stop and longingly look towards home. I keep marching ahead, and realize I've forgotten my helmet! I find a convenient rock and mount up, trotting towards home.
"Yippee, home! Yeah, let's canter the road!"
"OK, let's go Major!"

We canter up the road, arrive at the gate, dash inside, grab my helmet, back out the gate, hop on my horse, turn back down the road.
 "Nope, no arguing, we're going to be late!"

Back down the road we go, and see Friday's trailer in the staging area. Friday is hiding inside, because it is raining! But we head out anyway, and actually both of the horses seem pretty happy to be out. We stick to the forest, thinking under the trees will be less wet. Major whines a bit.

"Why does Friday get to be in front all the time?"
"Because we're mostly walking, and you trot too fast and too much, we have to take it easy. You were too fast and silly yesterday, so think of this as your community service."
"He seems fine to me."
"Yes, luckily he seems to have recovered, but rehab takes awhile, just be patient!"

Back at the trailer we say our goodbyes, and Major is happy to head back down the road. Back at the stable, I dismount, and I can hear the ATV filled with hay distributing dinner. It is raining pretty hard now and almost dark.

"OK, let's head back in. I'm wet, you're wet, and now my saddle is getting wet."
"Mmmm, grass, this is delicious. Let's stay out here, this is good."
"But you're getting wet, you might melt," I remind him.
"Nope, I'm happy!"

I drag Major back inside despite his protests, where he gets the indignity of being toweled off, and put away with his mash and plenty of hay. He nuzzles me with a disgusting mash face, looking for another treat.

"That wasn't so bad, right?" I ask.
"Nom, nom, nom. Don't bother me anymore, I'm eating." 

He has already forgotten, living in the moment of good food and shelter.

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