Friday, November 11, 2011

rainy day recipe

Stuck inside a few days ago, I desperately wanted to bake something. But did not need any more cookies (Halloween candy is still haunting me.)

So I made Major some cookies! I have made them before, but usually I just throw some stuff together. This time I figured I'd write it down, to have an actual recipe, in case some other bored horse friend would like to spoil their beasts.

Super easy. And you can use healthy/unhealthy ingredients, depending on how cheap you are/how much you love your horse/what you have in the house.

First grate some apples. How many? I did 3 large red/green apples. Any kind. You can use carrots too. I do not suggest grating your thumb. It really hurts and is pretty gross.

grate apple (not thumb)

Add some other stuff. I added:
2 cups oats (just the regular kind)
1/2 cup brown sugar (seems healthier than white, ha!)
3 Tbsp salt (good for the horses)
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup syrup (I used generic bad fake maple syrup. If you love your horse you can use molasses, but it is kind-of expensive)

add all the ingredients, easy!

Mix it all up. I also added the leftover-crumbs-at-the-bottom-of-the-bag granola and grape-nuts cereal (just to use it up).

mix it all up, looks and smells yummy

Put it in a mini muffin tin. I sprayed it with some vegetable oil. You could try to make little balls too, but it is pretty wet. If you want to do that, leave out some water. Tins are way easy. (As a side note, I hate the silicone muffin pans. Useless crap that everything sticks to even if you spray it).

shove in some pans, a little messy

Oh, turn on the oven to 300. Shove the pans in. Let them cook 1-1/2 hours. I just make sure they seem really dry. Sometimes longer. Then I just turn off the oven and leave them in there, to get them really dry.

Then I put them on a pretty plate and serve them to my precious pony.

perfect treat for ponies

HA! No, I throw them in a bag and keep them at the stable for treats. They're always a hit, no matter what I throw in there. Major will eat anything, but all the other horses love them too.

feed many many many (this is from Major)

When baking, it makes the house smell really good, like apple cake, but if you try one (yes, I did) they're a bit salty for human taste (and too hard!). Make some! Takes just a few minutes, cheaper than the store-bought ones, and your pony will love you.

Disclaimer: These treats are not for horses with sugar issues, etc. I'm sure you could make them better/more healthy, etc. I just wanted to make a yummy treat. If you grate your thumb off, also not my fault.

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  1. Mm looks good and glad you said you tried one coz I totally wanted to eat one! My husband bought a giant--like 3 foot tall--bag of bulk carrots that are currently being used to spoil my herd..good thing its cold and I don't have to try to fit them in my fridge again..