Wednesday, November 16, 2011

mish mash

Lately, horse time has been a little bit of everything. With the sun already gone after work, I have just enough time to quick ride in the arena (blech, I know I should, but the forest is calling) or a quick hike. The hike is great for both of us. I try to get finished before complete darkness sets in. Major is perfectly happy out there in the dark. Me, on foot, not so much...lions and tigers and bears, oh my! (well, we do have the lions and bears!)

sunset, with Major...
It is good to work with Major on the ground too. He is so much better already at trotting along behind me when I run. I still don't completely trust him going downhill, he forgets and is too close, breathing on me. No way! Back up sir! I think he likes the forest hikes (he also gets to stop for grass). We see some great wildlife: huge bucks looking for girls, and an amazing Great Horned owl floated up out of the field where it had been hunting, to perch in a tree and swivel it's head to spy at the intruders.

Great Horned owl on the tree
I did fit in one ride this weekend, where Major was just confused. We headed out, and did 6 fast miles on our own. Major thought he was going home, and we cantered up the hill to the staging area. Where we met Friday, and went back out and did another 6 miles. Major was not exactly pleased with that situation, so it was great to do it. I told him it was like a mini mini endurance ride, with a "hold" at the staging area.

squiggly branch and fresh green grass
I think most of the winter will be spent like this, just happy to fit in the horse time. Adapting for the season. Hunkering down, warms coats for us both, hot chocolate and warm mash, quiet hikes and lake trails.


  1. Oh I love the owl pic! What a treat - I hardly ever manage to get pics of the wildlife I see.

  2. thanks! It was so cool to see the owl. My other photo of the deer was all blurry. Trying to take the phone out and get a photo in gathering dark while Major wants to go home is tough (and the iphone isn't the best in low light)!