Wednesday, November 2, 2011

burning daylight

So little runs through my head every minute lately. I hate this end of season, back to dark after work, brief forest forays, weekend warrior rides.

I was about to head out yesterday when my barn owner stopped me. Our new boarder had fallen off earlier in the day, and I got a status report (broken ribs, some internal bleeding!). I feel terrible, she was going to do her final endurance ride of the season this weekend. The barn owner cautioned me because it was really windy, but she knows I'm determined (and that Major is good).

So I headed out. Blustery wind, but needing to ride. I am sure Major can sense my desperation, and we cantered through the forest, on paths that will soon be too dark to navigate at speed. The light even at 5pm was filtered gold, the sun's last rays blindingly low through the trees.

He was pretty up, the crisp air, fallen leaves, bursting quail. I was adjusting a new set of reins (not sure if I like them yet) so stopped a few times, where he did stand nicely while I pulled and messed with things, then I'd ask him to move off, and we'd spring into a trot. I didn't want to do too much and raise a sweat, another hazard of these cooler evenings.

Coming home I even let him canter the final gravel road. He wasn't interested in going home for dinner, so we stayed outside the gates munching grass and watching the sinking sun. By the time everything was put away, the sun was gone and a glorious purple sunset made the trees into silhouettes. That made up for it, a little bit...

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  1. Fabulous pictures! Sorry to hear about the boarder's wreck - so scary.