Sunday, November 6, 2011

goodbye Hickstead

I was going to write about my great, fun ride along the lake today. But I came home, checked online, and am devastated by the loss of glorious Hickstead.

I love watching showjumping, the amazing partnership as these horses trust their humans so much to launch over huge jumps, and Eric Lamaze and Hickstead were such a pair. The gold medal at the 2008 Olympics was spectacular, and Lamaze always gave so much credit to his horse. This photo breaks my heart (not graphic).

I will NOT be watching the video of Hickstead's collapse that is all over the net. I'll remember him in his glory. He gave his all until the last second. You never know when that ride might be your last.

I need to go thank Major more. Even when they annoy us, they give so much. Hug your horses.

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