Wednesday, November 9, 2011

ride torture

See those ears? They were mighty crabby that we were not headed the other way. Which was towards home. Instead we got this far, turned around, and backtracked over our path. We were not going home because SOMEONE could not control themselves, and thought we needed to canter everywhere, including over rocks, downhill, around blind corners, and not listen.

Back this way, then again did not turn towards home. Instead we continued past the trail towards home, and took the lower trail, then the upper trail, then the lower trail. Major was all in a tizzy. Which was the point.

At least it was helpful. Not especially to Major, but I did come across the same people 3 times, trying to find their way back to the parking lot, and was able to help them. Major needs more help than that (at least on this day: it was cool, he'd been standing around the day before from the rain, and he just wanted to GO).

It actually was a really fun ride. Is it wrong to enjoy tormenting your horse?

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