Monday, October 31, 2011

the masked bandit

I spent a long, fun day at work in my gunslinger/cowboy costume, and thought I'd relax and visit Major. When I arrived he had to inspect my costume, smelling all the dirt and paint. I took a quick photo, he seemed calm and quiet.

I turned my back to get the camera, and when I turned around I was confronted by the steely gaze of the Masked Bandit!

He had stolen my guns and ordered me to march ahead of him, towards the roadside. My heart was racing as I heard the steps behind me, clip... clop... closer...closer. He forced me to step aside and hold the rope, I was afraid of his nefarious plans, so followed his bidding.

He forced me to walk up the road, while he grabbed bites of grass in his terrifying jaws. I knew I was next, but I hatched a plan. The barn manager came along, with her hidden weapon. She confronted the Masked Bandit, who couldn't draw his guns fast enough to defend against the carrot! He was caught, and I put him in the local jail, where he placidly ate the jailer-provided meal. But in the dying light, just as I turned to leave, I saw the defiant gleam in his eye, and knew his good behavior was all a ruse. The Masked Bandit would return again, I know not when, but until then I will sleep with a carrot beside me, if I sleep at all. In my dreams I will hear clip... clop... clip... clop...

Goodnight...and happy Halloween!

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