Friday, December 27, 2019

holiday return

"The sun got in my eyes" is not an excuse to run off

I'd like to return this horse today.
Umm, what is wrong with him?
He is a jerk.
That is not covered by our warranty.
OK, he seems to be defective and does not respond to commands.
Did you use the commands correctly?
Same as I always do.

"we're on the beach" is not an excuse to run off

Hmm, what else was the situation?
Well, it rained for a week and he was cooped up in his pasture.
Is his pasture small?
No, he could run around all he wants.
But he thinks he might melt, right? Some models have had that happen.
Nothing, all our models are different, what model is yours?
2003 Arabian gelding.
I need more details to process your complaint.

"We're almost home" is not an excuse to run off

A nice trail ride turned into an 8 mile fight to slow down and deal, I threatened to leave him tied to someone else's trailer at the staging area!
Well, that is it then! If you'd read the fine print, Arabian plus cooped up in December can lead to random behavior.
Wow, that is specific,
It is in the fine print ma'am.
Is there a solution?
If you work through it enough without dying it ends up being fun again.
So I just have to deal with it?
Afraid so, sorry. Next customer!

good thing you're cute Major…


  1. Since I rode a strange Pony and it ran off with me I feel different to your posts. Is is unsafe or dangerous? It scared me like hell and I'm totally cured and try now how to manage our 'age' and still be out out out

    1. It can be both unsafe and dangerous, I think it is about training and the level of risk we're willing to accept. Just being around these big, flight creatures is dangerous, but I take so much joy in it that for now, it is worth it.