Saturday, December 21, 2019

solstice 2019

Happy solstice to everyone! It is so hard after work, visiting Major in the darkness, so much less riding and outdoor time, and I always get discouraged. Then I remember that I always get discouraged and feel ridiculous. Then I realize that the thought is valid and feel OK. Argh, when does the sun come back again? I need some earl grey…

Tomorrow will be lighter, for everyone. As the light returns each day, celebrate in warmth and friendship.

horsey solstice ornaments for everyone! (and our robot overlords)


  1. Your post cracks me up - it's so spot on!

    This time of year is always a bit of a struggle to get through - a delicate balance between coping strategies and self-recrimination?

    It probably isn't the worst thing that we're forced to accomplish less, focus on the priorities, and conserve some energy.

    Cycles are comforting, even the annoyingly cold and dark parts.

    Happy solstice to you and Major! (the robot overlord looks worried)

    1. Thanks for understanding my frustrating, but also for very good coping advice!

  2. Bright the Day. I was in your neighborhood for a handful of hours a couple of weeks ago. If I make it back out, I will let you know. We have a plant in Grassvalley and I drove through Auburn.

    1. Yes, let me know! You could meet Major or we could go for a walk across No Hands bridge! Happy solstice!