Wednesday, December 18, 2019


'Tis the season for toys… and yes, this could be a post about making your own horse toy or treat, but I've already done that (make some treats or a hanging treat/toy, they'll love you!)

I was in the craft store (why does the craft store have so many toys, no idea!?) and this horse/truck/trailer toy caught my eye.

At least it isn't pink? What trailer is pulled by an open top truck/jeep? The truck looks a bit like the new Tesla.

at least she is reaching for her helmet, but that open top truck/jeep?

this is pretty cool, but damn, huge carrot!

sure, it's that easy! ha!

Luckily, in real life, not many trailers are towed like this. Did the designers even look at a real truck and trailer? Is it more fun, easier to put the dolls in, something?

I thought, this must be a new thing. But then down the google rabbit hole I went, and found many other options.

jeep, tiny trailer, huge doll, what? Barbie couldn't ride anyway (dumb legs!)

If I'd had this playmobile trailer with my playmobile horses when I was a kid I would have been so happy. (Who am I kidding, it is pretty cool now).

an even smaller jeep (maybe becasue they're european!)

Some toys get it right, though they don't show the getting out of your truck six times to hook up correctly, learning how to back being a hassle, loading a recalcitrant horse, cleaning out all the manure, etc. Got to make sure they still like horses, after all!

these are cool

And one final note: unicorn anything has jumped the shark.

End of toy rant…


  1. I admit I cannot understand your post without Wikipedia to help me, and even now, I'm nowhere near understanding.

    1. hmmm, not sure what is confusing? If it is jump the shark it is a common saying when something has just gone too far…!