Saturday, December 7, 2019

storm prep

better head back soon!
It looked like it would finally rain, so I did the most important preparation first: go riding of course! Under ominous skies, but no rain, we went for a short ride to an overlook, never tired of that view! On the way back I took an almost unused trail, scrambled over a fallen tree, and found an awesome deer skeleton not yet torn completely apart. Hoping to go back and get the skull and antlers later!

cool deer skeleton!

clouds and sunset over the meadow
little live deer watched us heading home

But then back to the stable for some storm prep. All the horses live out, in pastures with shelters, and the first rain always gets super muddy. Last year I bought a straw wattle partway through the year, and it was great to control runoff (which wants to run right through Major's gate into the pasture). Major was really into helping this year, and thought it was the worst slow-feed hay net of all time.

worst. hay bag. ever.

not me, I'm not up to nothing!

Even when I trimmed the wattle into two and took out some of the crappy straw (which he would not eat) he was convinced something tasty lay inside. But he wandered off (oh, so innocent) and seemed to lose interest.

Coming back the next day I found Major had taken it upon himself to rearrange my drainage solution. Thanks buddy! Now I can move the heavy, wet, muddy wattle back in place. I can't stake them down as I think he'll find a way to hurt himself, so until they're less interesting (re: muddy!), we are battling back and forth design solutions!

thanks Major, nice rearranging
is this food too?

After putting the wattles back we went for a walk. Major was interested to see another slow-feed net installed on the lane. Um no, ignore THAT one at least, let's go into the forest. Even after one rain the moss and lichen rocks are now exploding green, and the air is so crisp. The forest has sucked up all the rain (no puddles yet!), with more on the way. We'll just do our exploring with muddier feet…

now green shark rock (or half-moon rock, depending on your point of view!)


  1. Major - so helpful. ;D It's a wonder you get anything done without him!

    Why have I never seen those wattle things before?! What exact purpose do they serve? Stopping soil from washing away or keeping water from flowing somewhere. I feel like they would come in handy around here...

  2. The wattles are used everywhere here: especially construction sites so water/debris is slowed. They’re great to let water through but slow it down to retain soil. They’re just filled with straw, super useful!