Monday, January 6, 2020


A new year, a ride with a friends, perfect start

I started off the New Year with a great ride (the part where we ended up in the middle of a resolution run was interesting though!), and a detox break from all computer/social/blog duties (well, except for football!). So I have a lot of reading to catch up on!

New Year 2020 view from No Hands bridge

But I don't feel like I missed out. I don't do much social media anyway, but it can become a time-suck of scrolling and looking at others posts. A total break while I hiked in the redwoods and read numerous books and sat by the sea was awesome and enlightening, damn, I can waste a lot of time on my phone!

I can never go wrong with waves and rocks

ocean exploring

I still like my (intermittent) blogging, so that won't change. I wish I had more interesting posts than another pretty ride, but mostly it is the ongoing training challenges with Major (damn is he great not at home or at a competition, can't I have that horse all the time?), deciding if I want to do endurance this year, hopefully more camping, and the rest we shall see.

ferns and redwoods

Happy (belated) new year 2020!

Major's resolution: eat more alfalfa


  1. Beautiful photos! I'm glad you came back online to share them. My first thought was, "Hey, I know that bridge!" Too funny. The ocean is gorgeous, of course. I have been wanting to shut social media off for some period of time. This post is making me think I should actually do it. I think I'd still blog because it's not very time consuming and it's my zen place, but the others I can do without. Maybe I'll actually pull the trigger on that in the coming weeks. This post was inspiring!

    1. So glad you got to ride that bridge, hope you'll be back to do it again… Decreasing my screen time has been great, really not missing anything as I was just using it to fill space. Maybe try it for a weekend? When I get home for the day I'm now trying to plug my hone in and not look at it till morning. Been working! (Then I had to watch football highlights, whoops, oh well, I'm trying!)

  2. Same thoughts over the ocean :-) and I really took a break:
    Sometimes when I scroll through my blog I like to remember and still think it i a f´great idea, But the thrill is gone and I think I lost the spirit ... I would like to go on, maybe I need a kick.
    I like your blog, I like the pictures and the view through Major's ears! I'm looking forward how you two will manage to get older. Major has the same age as Pepe and I'm curious about your stories :-)