Tuesday, December 10, 2019

d.i.y: holiday unicorn

you too can have a holiday unicorn!

Most of my d.i.y. posts are actually useful, so it was time for something…silly. Last summer I spent a smoky day trapped inside and played with making some unicorn horns. I never remembered to blog about it, but it was entertaining.

obviously too much time on my hands…
tree headband inspiration!

When I saw a Christmas tree headband at the craft store, inspiration struck…Major needed to be a holiday unicorn! You can theme this in any colors or patterns you like (rainbow holiday would be epic), I went with ugly holiday sweater (since I already had the materials) but you could go classy too (but this is more fun I think!)

all the stuff (and more!)

Materials list:
8.5 x 11 (or larger) green felt
8.5 x 11 scrap paper
small scrap cardboard
elastic, most any width will do, approx 24" long
random ribbon, yarn, string, pompoms, tiny ornaments, whatever you can find
standard scissors, ruler, glue (hot glue is best, white/fabric glue will work)
optional: glitter, cup of tea…

This is pretty easy, but just a few fiddly steps along the way:

template on paper

cut out onto the felt

Gather your materials and draw a template on your paper. Keep the top size about 1", as you'll need that extra to overlap later. Now cut the shape out of the felt.

glue the edge, and your fingers, to make a cone

Gluing the edge is the most fun you can have while burning yourself with a glue gun. (OK, seriously, be careful, but I took no permanent damage!) The overlap of each edge will be about 1/4 inch, no measuring needed, bring the edges together and add a bead of glue, attach, and continue the length of the cone.

basic cone/horn is complete!

cut a circle (about 3"), from the leftover felt

stuffy stuff stuff (use a pencil/skewer to get to the point)

At this point you can trim the bottom of the cone flat, and cut a circle from leftover felt which will cover the bottom a bit later. Now you can stuff the cone! I used some leftover batting, but newspaper, paper towels, cotton balls, lots of things would work. Make sure it is stuffed pretty tight (no floppy horns wanted!).

add support cardboard with holes for elastic

thread elastic through holes
now add the final fill and glue on the bottom

Now a fiddly bit: To keep the felt from tearing and support the elastic, glue support cardboard to each side on the inside of the cone. Poke holes in both sides (I used an exacto knife but a nail would be great) and thread your elastic through. You can estimate, I cut mine about 24 inches, which is extra long but worked great. Put in a little extra fluff and glue your circle to the bottom.

glued and ready for decoration

ribbon twisted around, tack at top and bottom with glue

Now the fun begins. Choose a string/ribbon/yarn and glue it into the top. Then twist the ribbon around, pulling a bit, so the felt bulges a little (just like a REAL unicorn horn!). Then glue it again to the bottom, and your basic horn is done!

all the sparkly decorations!

in process: glitter everywhere, pompom party galore!

Now glue on all the little decorations you like. I had pompoms and random silver stars, but beads, tiny ornaments, even just more pretty ribbon or rickrack would be cute. Place and glue until you get to something you like. Then add a few more, just because. Now just pick off all the little hot glue hairs that have stuck all over, I'll wait…

made a fun star because…glitter!

ugly holiday sweater unicorn horn complete!

Your horn is done! Now go try it on your horse. Major just LOVED his horn…I'm sure he is already plotting ways to get back at me. Watching him walk and trot with the horn bouncing along was the best thing I'd seen in a long time. I hope your horses become holiday unicorns too!

unicorn bowing to me (looking for treats!)

more pictures, really?! My unicorn really needs more forelock

shadow unicorn

unicorn is done posing and plotting my demise


  1. This win the Internet for today. Absolutely love the idea of a holiday unicorn...I may have to make a stop to the nearest craft store for supplies...

  2. You are the winner for sure. I can't tell how Major feels in that last photo...

    1. Thanks! I know exactly what he is thinking…"I am done of you and your hi-jinks, feed me my promised mash NOW!"

  3. Last year you posted your homemade horse cookie recipe. I tried something similar today - similar cuz there is no molasses in Germany and my grocery store does not have anything related to flax. So I used oats, shredded carrots, applesauce, a banana and a splash of maple syrup (and flour and salt). I tasted them and they're more like a hearty bread than a cookie, but since we're in Germany and horses eat bread here, it might be OK. I'm waiting them to cool now cuz my animals think cooked carrots will kill them.

    Are you baking for Major again this year?

    1. Glad you made some treats. Pretty much any combination of apples, applesauce, oats, something to glue them together has worked. I just like that the flax treats are actually good for them and easy! I actually make Major the treats all year, but this time of year he does have to share his "Majorly Good" treats with barn friends, as I give everyone a treat bag for the holidays!

  4. I have this crazy idea of tying a sugar ice cream cone to my horses head. This seems better, although more work. Thanks for the step by step.

    1. That is not crazy, it is genius! And then the horse could eat it! If you don't do it I'm totally stealing that next summer. (And totally less work, though the horn took less than an hour!)