Thursday, February 21, 2013

conversations with Major: I'm cool

Mom mom mom…
What Major.
Look what I found on the ground!
Oh, some mountain bikers glasses, I'll put them on a post, they can hopefully find them.
No, no, put them on me!
Um, they're too small.
But they're sooo cool! I want to be cool.
Ok, like this.

No, that is not cool. Old people wear it like this. The cool way.
Like this?
Yeah, yeah, that's cool. Take my picture.
How's this?

No, I look dumb.
Well, you're trying to eat the camera.
Ok, do it again.
How's this.

Oh yeah, I'm cool. I'm like "yeah, whatever..."
Yeah, you're the hippest horse around Major.
I know, that is why they call me Major D. Take another picture, I'll totally pose this time.
There you go, what do you think?

So awesome! That is totally my album cover. I am so great.
You look a bit furry in this, I swear your winter coat is just now coming in.
Can you fix it, make me look even cooler?
Sure. I house you, feed you, give you treats, take you on adventures, walks for grass, I'll just do some Photoshop work and make an album cover too.
Yeah, do that. I'll be famous.
Ok, horses don't get sarcasm. If you're famous I guess you should just go on tour then.
Would I miss dinner? They just served my dinner.
Yeah, you'd miss dinner.
Nevermind, lets just go get my dinner.
Whatever you say rock star.

 (I obviously have way too much time on my hands…)


  1. That is too funny. He's going to be demanding his album release date next...

    1. Major would be all over that! He'd just be pigging out at the release party buffet...

  2. What a face... He's a doll! OK, tell him he's a rock star, but I think he's adorable.

    1. Thanks! I think I tell him that too much, he's getting a bit of a swelled head about it!

  3. Val would like to be a member of Major's posse...

    1. Major says: Yeah, that's cool. Val can join my posse.

  4. You've got some killer photoshop skillz. I vote for the back of the album, too, with all the crafty song names. I'm sure Major would enjoy posing for his artist photo on the back, too.

    1. Oh, he's a poser all right. And no one ever picked up those glasses, they're still on the post! Major would like a complete album too, unfortunately I should actually work so I can pay his bills! 8-)

  5. That's great! I actually showed my husband this post (he isn't really into my 'horse blog' thing) but he thought this was really fun :) Major has such an expressive face.

  6. Too funny.. loved it.. you certainly capture his voice well..