Saturday, February 23, 2013

I spy

A chronicle of a ride:

One horse eating his breakfast
Interesting spelling choice on barn blackboard

One horse tacked up
2 endurance riders from next door
Barking Dog trail aka "the servants quarters"
Big tree chopped up
Chestnut mare butt
Bay gelding butt
Very alert ears
Mucky puddle
Long Bar picnic table
Boy Scout troop

Trail towards home
No more other horse butts
Tiny spring ferns
Hobbit rocks
Snake alley
Bridge with broken railing
Boy Scout troop #2
Horse eating log
Palm trees where they don't belong

Runner ahead
Side trail
Rattlesnake Bar trash can
Hiker with 2 Australian cattle dogs, one hiding behind him afraid of horses
Cantering section

American River 50 first vet check area
Wildflowers: Indian paintbrush
Hikers with tiny tiny naked chihuahua
Glorious red Manzanita tree
Full water trough
Avery pond
2 pairs of ducks

Mountain lion warning sign
Powerhouse generating electricity with water
Smelly Mel's portapotty named "wee chateau"
Runner eating snack next to Wee Chateau
Mormon Ravine bridge of death
Park info sign describing generator and view

Oblivious runner
Old orchard
Nice runner
Grassy spot to take a break and turn around

Coming home, read most of the previous list, in reverse order, much faster! Then add in:

Wild Cherry tree in bloom

People with puppy Labrador
Wildflowers: tiny iris
Giant power tower with scary spikes

2 French bulldogs: one mini, one regular
Knee knocking rock

Boy Scout troop eating lunch at Long Bar
8 trailers at staging area
Dog with cone of shame
4 cars speeding
3 other trail riders coming home
Tiny scary landscape flags
Yummy green grass
Expectant horse wanting snacks

Both boots on
Cleaned-up horse now rolling in the worst area with poo

One tired rider

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