Tuesday, February 12, 2013

tahoe detour

The weather is gorgeous and perfect for riding. But I like to give Major some down time, and not put in so many miles. He doesn't especially agree with this decision (hence some of the naughty behavior) but it is better for his long-term health and soundness.

So I headed to the mountains with my SO for a weekend of snowshoeing. I do not like the snow. I get cold very easily, and am wrapped up like a mummy/Michelin man the entire time. It is quite ridiculous, especially to people who live where it is actually cold in the winter. I couldn't do it, you are brave souls. A weekend of 25 degrees was all I could take.

But the weather was nice, views gorgeous, and I was all the more appreciative to get home to much warmer climes.

Enjoy the view.

Spooner Lake, near where Tahoe Rim ride will be this summer!
snow clouds rolling across the lake
morning dawned clear on the west shore

the water is so gorgeous
rough panorama

General creek

Ehrman mansion, and the little summer gazebo

gratuitous eagle falls, fannette island, emerald bay
a few clouds rolled in
Donner Lake, with Donner pass in the background
Donner lake, some parts are frozen, small icebergs

that little line = train tunnel

Donner from a lower pass

Per usual I am pretty awed when hiking in the area, not just the beauty, but the sheer audacity of the settlers who decided to leave the comforts of home for this unforgiving landscape. Many of course didn't make it, but the thousands who came for the Gold Rush came through these passes with wagons and oxen. I'll stay with my trusty Subaru.

These emergency ramps tell the story of how steep it is (I once saw a truck carrying bees drive into the gravel pit, that was something!)

The mountains are calling and I must go. —John Muir


  1. If you haven't put in an entry yet for Tahoe Rim - DO IT NOW! We're already nearly full. Base camp will only hold 16-17 trailers. We encourage people to buddy up. :)

    1. I sent in my early entry deposit a couple weeks ago! Can't wait to explore those trails without the snow! (And a friend doing the LD is buddying up with me). I was so sad to miss it last year (with a horse injury) knock wood all is good this year!)

  2. Love Tahoe! Glad you got to go have some winter fun, and I hope I see you at Tahoe Rim this year.

    1. I'll be there! Last year we got waylaid, but your great ride story last year sealed the deal for me.