Thursday, February 14, 2013

love 4 ever

Sure, Valentine's Day has become a marketing holiday. Of course it was years ago too, when I had to buy just the right little cards (Muppets? Scooby Doo? Hello Kitty?), and give one to every single kid in my class. And I agonized over which candy hearts to give which boys: UR CUTE? UR GR8? DREAM? What candy hearts might our horses leave for us?

Life is simpler now, the people who I love know I love them. And I'll tell them too. Even my horse knows. So he doesn't get anything extra special, just the usual carrots. But I love vintage holiday cards, and couldn't resist coloring it to look like Major. So here is a Valentine from Major to all of you.

Hug your pony, appreciate your loved ones, and don't despair if you eat the chocolate in the office break room.

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