Sunday, February 3, 2013


Major's grade for today, D+, and that's being generous.

Started out with B and Major's nemesis Ziggy, added in A and Justice. Justice is just learning to be an endurance horse. He is not very brave, (in fact is a giant chicken and won't lead the group) but follows just fine.

I had an inkling of trouble when Major led us off with his big trot. That is usually reserved for going home. We switched places a few times, Ziggy leading, Major in middle or back. We tried to trick Justice into leading. Got him in front for about 10 steps, grudgingly. He'll get there in time.

Major was ok, not entirely listening, but following fine. He got a bit freaked out by a group of runners (that we passed a few minutes before), coming up behind. After last week's ride with lots of runners: seriously Major, really?

We got to the trough, not interested in drinking, but interested in turning for home. Not yet, we went to Avery Pond and tried to chill a bit.

And headed back, jigging already. So Major lost leading privileges, and was second. We came to a big hill, Ziggy balked, Major took the lead. Trotting turned into locomotive pulling, and a last blast canter turned into flying buck, aimed at poor Justice who was just following along. But also created the best line of the day, from A, who claimed "I could see his penis" the buck was so high. Ok, funny, but NOT funny.

Soon after Major was behind when he completely lost it, not listening, trying to catch up, tripping over himself. I was done. I let them go ahead, said I'd maybe see them later, but just head home.

We turned back. And Major didn't care at all, we blasted back towards Avery Pond. Nope, not in my book. We circled, side passed, backed and otherwise worked. He has way more stamina for misbehavior than I do. Going fast is one thing, completely tuning out the rider, not an option.

Turning back towards home every trot step a jig, turning into a locomotive: faster faster, till I'd shut him down. Slower trotting was a pulling contest. Walking was more up than out. At least it was only five miles. Sigh...I would have loved to just go and do another 15 miles, maybe he'd figure it out? But that would have to wait for another day.

We did catch up with Ziggy and Justice about a mile from home. And Major still pranced all the way back. B took a lovely photo, I'm smiling (grimacing) while Major boldly (pulling) strides ahead. I had some choice words for him today.

Back home he danced around for a bath, obnoxious on the lead, and ran around his pasture some more.

A few evening training rides are what I have in mind right now. Reminding myself: I love my horse, I just don't LIKE him very much right now!


  1. well, it sounds like you have lots of fun miles ahead to get things sorted out.. FUN!

    1. oh yes. Every Spring, I'd like my Fall horse back please!