Wednesday, December 12, 2012

whine…and some fun

I'm whining about the weather. It is gorgeous but cold right now, while I am trapped at work, but of course this weekend is supposed to be rainy. And it is dark at 4:45. Whine...

So now for something completely different...and funny. Earlier this year (when the weather was nice) I came back from a ride, and put my tack away in the stable. And noticed there was a table, filled with shiny fabric. On closer inspection, it was a table full of bras!

What, you don't have bra tables at your stable? Bras, lawn mower, tack, just what you'd expect to find!

A fellow boarder is a wonderful sales person for a "delicates" company. And she has sales samples she shows to buyers, then after the season, brings for us! Score! I might love buying my horse a new blanket, and I don't even mind scoping poop, but shopping for a new bra, torture.

All the women had fun looking through the samples, nothing for boys, our stable guy was left out.

Even horse Mystic got into the fun, probably about a 38 DD, though she would have preferred a lace-cup. Major was left out, but he might have been glad not to be the model for this particular photo!

Stables can be the most unstable of places. But this was pretty fun.


  1. A bra works great in a pinch to blindfold a horse in an emergency like a fire... you usually have one on hand. ;D

    1. Good to know! Though I would need to make sure I caught the foal or shetland pony... 8-D