Sunday, December 30, 2012

last ride of 2012

It started out with a little weeee!
I'm a racehorse!

maybe I'll slow to a trot
Getting some air time, I'm full of it!

Major was having a grand time in the arena. I stood in the middle while he galloped around, with no encouragement from me, for at least 15 minutes. He took a break to drink from the trough, and took off again. Feeling fine!

what're you talking about? Not me! I'm not silly...

Wasn't quite sure if I wanted to ride the beast, but I had a new saddle to try out. I tried it yesterday too, but this would be an arena and trail experiment.

I love my Arabian Saddle Company Solstice, but keep having bridging and stirrup bar issues. I found a great deal on a used Freeform cutback. I know lots of people don't like treeless, but I also know many who do. When it comes to horses, there are more opinions than riders! But after much research and demo saddles, I thought I'd give it a try.

new saddle posing

I was worried because the knee rolls are much smaller than I'm used to, and its just…different. You get used to "your" saddle! Turned out very secure and comfy. Major moved out nicely. A bit of silliness on the ride (brakes? what brakes?!) didn't budge the saddle, or me! He didn't work up enough of a sweat to seriously check fit though. That will have to wait for a day when I ride earlier with a bit more daylight and a temperature higher than 45! Too damn cold right now! But it was just the ride I like: me and Major, going down the trail.

A fun final adventure for 2012, which was filled with many miles of trail, great times with Major and friends, and our first endurance rides. I can only hope 2013 brings as many good adventures!

giddy-up Snowflake! (the barn owner made this, I love it!)


  1. Oh, that snow pony is adorable! Also a great shot of Major in mid-air, he obviously is full of personality, it shows through in your photos of him.

  2. Wow, GO Major! Desire was full of beans charging around the arena this morning, too. Happy New Year K and Major!