Friday, December 7, 2012


The fog was so dense I had to run my windshield wipers as I drove to the barn. I optimistically thought it might burn off before noon, when the vet was scheduled to arrive.

Quickly saddled up with C and C for a short forest ride. We knew it would be muddy. And there would be downed trees. And the horses might be full of it.

Major's buddy Friday traversing the puddle, and the fog

We were right. I can't blame the horses: a week of rain after weeks of 30+ miles, Major is raring to go. But no "raring" would be allowed today, not on the slick trails. We did fit in some trotting, and behavior was mostly OK.

Until we split, since I needed to get back earlier. Major wondered where his friends went, and then started remembering we were going home! The silliness, which included much prancing and even some bucking attempts, was thwarted. What I really would like to do: take him some nice dry place to just GO. But no trails like that right now, so he has to behave.

stolen bites are the most delicious

Back home he hadn't sweated a drop, but I knew he'd roll after the quick ride, and didn't feel like presenting a wet, muddy horse to the vet. So I hand-walked him to eat grass, and he also got to steal a few bites of hay from Fridya's travel hay bag. Naughty.

And then the vet arrived. Major is unconcerned about the vet, and a good patient. After the basic checkup (36 resting heartrate, weight 970), the vet set up the dental equipment. While Major is a good boy, he is also a cheap drunk. It didn't take much to put him under, and an inspection of his teeth revealed a few points and waves, quickly fixed. I really like that the vet points things out to me, explains and shows what he does.

To add insult to the whole procedure, while still under sedation Major also got his sheath cleaned. I try to do it during the year, but can never quite get it. Like a frightened turtle! Now everything is squeeky clean.

so sleepy, droopy lip...

It took Major about an hour to recover from the sedation. I walked him around the arena, the only place with nice, smooth footing. We also just stood around a bit. And there was still so much mist it was almost raining. Soon he was completely recovered, and was so happy to get an extra mash (I got a nicker for that one).

wet winter leaves and mud

Here is hoping the clouds lift and we see the sun. This morning dawned clear, but in the valley, 1000 feet lower in elevation, it is foggy and cold. I'm having hot chocolate and thinking of long rides in the warm sun.


  1. Hope the shining yellow orb reappears soon. I love reading about you and Major's rides.

    Thanks for the droopy lip photo - I had been wondering about tying a quick release into my rope halter. :D

    1. glad to help! I don't usually tie a quick release on there, but while being held for the vet that is what the tech did, interesting!

  2. I was curious about that knot as well, interesting! I hope to see the sun too, probably sometime around July 5th:(