Saturday, December 22, 2012


Major was feeling full of it. Pent up winter energy. It was windy at the lake, a storm was rolling in. Cardinal rule of riding is to always be paying attention, but my mind was elsewhere.

And we flew. Cantering the lake trail I first thought of Thump, a fellow bloggers beloved bird who is flying free himself.

Then the mind flies, and thinks of too many lives lost in senseless tragedy. And those left behind.

And my 15 year old cat, diagnosed with kidney trouble, who I can't bear the thought of losing.

And the holidays, how my grandfather would offer up his always handy pocketknife on the pesky ribbons.

Like I said, my mind wandered. And I had one of the best rides ever. Collected canter, flying lead changes through rocks, barely a tug on the reins just to balance us both.

Again, the outside of a horse was good for me.


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