Monday, December 3, 2012

after the rain

It was a lot of rain. And wind. Then more rain. But our low reservoirs and rivers had no problems containing it. Watching the local and national news was actually pretty funny, we must all be under water! But it was fine, now just very wet. I don't imagine the trails will be passable for awhile, though it will be interesting to go into the forest and see the damage. This is a good time of year for hiking with Major, but yesterday I wanted to see how full the rivers were.

Confluence very full!

same view in October

The confluence is the best place for this, it is amazing to see the Middle and North forks of the American River coming together is a great surge. The middle fork was much muddier, it travels father since the dam was my thinking. (The North fork dam is not far, just at lake Clementine, a few miles up from the confluence)

final leaves hanging on
happy moss

ferns peeking between granite

The wind and rain had finally caused the trees to mostly drop their leaves, and the moss was so lush and happy. All the little ferns have popped out seemingly from nowhere, they only last till the warm spring comes, but for now are almost magical.

the trail has turned into a creek
this waterfall and creek were beautiful...across the trail!
The trail had a few issues, mainly an entire creek going across it! I know along this section there would be a few more to cross, and didn't feel like getting too wet, so turned back. SO pondered that Major might not cross the creek, but I knew it would be no problem (Though the trails are too slippery and yucky right now, also riding would do too much damage to them.)

Just south of the confluence, No Hands Bridge has stood for 100 years, through many floods, which have washed away upstream bridges many times. The original builders sure knew how to build, and located the bridge in the right place.

plenty of fresh, yummy grass
Back at the stable there was little damage, just lots of mud. Major was happy to get out and have a snack. After this storm there is also a plethora of mushrooms! I don't eat them (yuck, slimy fungi), and good thing! There was a recent local tragedy where 4 people died from eating wild-picked mushrooms.

slightly rude mushrooms
The winter is frustrating in the lack of riding, but fun in other ways. This week Major and I will do some hiking, exploring the soggy forest, mud boots on!


  1. The difference in the water levels is amazing. Wow.

    1. There is so much power in water, it is easy to forget, until you see this type of thing.

  2. Cool pics of the confluence! Love your mossy pics! I love moss!

    ...and of course Major looks handsome as ever!

    1. The confluence is a lovely hike. I love moss too. And ferns and lichen. I have so many neat macro-shots of all these tiny plants.

      Don't let Major hear that! He is happy to have his blanket off, I don't really like doing it, but he doesn't have any buddies to use as wind breaks!

  3. I love the forest after rain but here in the mountains if we get too much trees come down all over the trail. I looks like you guys also will be having some rain related delays.

    PS, Why does that bridge look familiar?

    1. We'll have lots if trees down too, especially since the ground got so saturated.

      The bridge is the Foresthill bridge, tallest in California, one of the tallest in the country. They film movies and commercials on it often, most famously in XXX when Vin Diesel drives the red corvette off of it! For awhile you could still find little red car pieces occasionally.