Saturday, December 8, 2012

all I want for christmas

The catalogs are filling my mailbox. Horsey stuff everywhere. I don't like cutesy things, or really need anything, but still feel compelled to flip through them, to see if something catches my eye.

And I saw the Best. Gift. Ever.

Hop-a-long plush horse hopper! I was so sad at the 100 pound limit. I had a basic one when I was a kid, not a fancy one, it just had a head with handles. It wasn't even a horse, though I pretended it was. The local tack store has a coin-operated pony, that I also desperately want to ride, with a 75 pound limit.


I goofed off and searched online, just being silly. And they have bouncy horses for grown-ups! OK, an adult looks pretty silly (and you HAVE to check out some of the other photos, so very bad).

Yeah, it might be silly, but it WOULD still be pretty great exercise...

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