Sunday, January 8, 2012

conversation: bad day

This is Major, and I had a bad day today. First I had to go on a ride, well actually, I had a pretty good time and was a good boy and got grass and mash and carrots, but really, I had a bad day!

Because later this lady came. My mom told me she was nice, and that I needed to be good. I think I remember her from last year when she gave me medicine to make me feel better. But today she gave me medicine and I almost fell down! My legs didn't work right, and everything was spinning. Then they put this weird thing in my mouth, and there was lots of noise, but I didn't care much.

There were two vets and Mom just watched. I heard everyone talking...blah, blah, blah points, blah canines, blah blah looks good, blah blah can't eat for an hour.

What? I can't eat!? For an hour?! But it is almost dinner!

I still felt weird, but I walked down to the arena. And then I had to walk around, cause the lady had told Mom I'd get better faster. And everyone else was eating! My feet didn't work right, but I still kept trying to eat grass, but Mom didn't let me.

Finally I felt better, and I got a special dinner: extra beet pulp all sloppy delicious! And still got my hay. My Mom said it was good I had the slow feed hay net, or I would have had to wait longer because I might choke on a big bite. I couldn't have waited any longer, I would have starved!

Today I am just resting, but I get to go on a walk and eat grass later. I guess the whole weekend wasn't so bad, and now bye, cause the sun is out, and I'm going to take a nap...

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