Monday, January 16, 2012

cold x 2

Winter is finally arriving, and it looks like rain by the end of the week. They're forecasting a super cold night (for us anyway, down to 22). I know some of you are laughing at that!

Major has been fine so far this year without a blanket, he has plenty of hay and is maintaining weight. But I'm going to put his new winter blanket on him tonight.

Choosing a blanket was a hassle, but I ended up with the Weatherbeeta orican freestyle. I measured and ordered him that size, which turned out to be way too big. Probably because he's so narrow. But I'd ordered from SmartPak, who offer free shipping and returns in sized items, yeah! So I sent it back. But then they were out of his size, damn! So I browsed their shop, and there is the same blanket, $5 more, with a detachable neck. So I just ordered that. I have the neck packed away, I can't imagine needing it here, seems like I could keep it to make blanket repairs or something.

Just as it is getting cold, now I have a cold! I am sure working and stressing way too much brought it on. I haven't been sick in at least 3 years, all my medicine is expired, but I have juice and a Joe Haldeman book, a fire and my kitty with me on the sofa.

It might not be riding, but it is still good.


  1. Good timing! Wouldn't be much fun to ride in the cold rain anyway. Might as well stay home with your lapwarmer. :)

  2. yeah, at least I got a good ride in earlier! Major doesn't mind the break. Already finished one book, that is one thing I like about winter, no guilt at sitting around reading!