Saturday, January 28, 2012

good practice

Major and I got to go out with three other people today. We usually are alone or with one other horse, and it had been at least a year with a group.

We played what we call "popcorn," where everyone rides in each position. Major prefers to be in front, but tolerates all the other places too. And I have the "deal with it" attitude!

We all had a good time, and every horse was good and bad in parts. Major does not like being the last horse, and was rushing, while I held him back from climbing up the backside of the next horse. He stayed back, but sometimes not far enough for the other horses comfort zone, every horse seems to have a different space bubble.

It was just a quick ride, and we all turned for home on the trotting trail, with Major in the back. And I got the fun experience of Major cantering in place because "oh my god we're all going but not fast enough I need to be in front!!!"

And we trotted on, while he figured out he couldn't go anywhere faster with three horses in front on him on the trail. I'd rather keep moving forward in that situation, which is I'm sure I'd be dealing with a million times worse at an endurance ride.

Why again do I want to try this?

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