Sunday, January 15, 2012

auburn to cool in pictures

Packed up the trailer, loaded up Major, picked up C and Major's buddy Friday, and headed to Auburn. We are lucky it is so close, and that the day was spectacular. Tacking up I did have a moment of panic when my hoof boot strap broke (which is why I have ordering new ones on my to-do list), but handy cable ties fixed it right up. Those things are indispensable!

a view of the bridge and really low river, looks like October not January!

Headed out and down to No Hands, meeting lots of runners and hikers, all very nice. We stopped to let the speedier downhill runners pass, the uphill folks were more than happy to stop and take a break while we passed them. Major doesn't really like the downhill, but once we got to the uphill side of the canyon he was happy to trot along. The trail is above the road here, which made for some moments when we heard tires screeching, it's a really steep canyon folks! I don't mind the heights at all, and Major must not either, as he likes to walk on the outside edge.

Major mesmerizing me for peanut butter sandwich

Over in Cool we took a break, the horses could get water and we and ate some lunch under the horses' watchful gaze. Actually Major just stares at me, hoping for a piece of peanut butter sandwich (he got some and later licked the table for crumbs, do I have a horse or a dog?). Friday likes to walk around and wrap himself around the pole, then wait to be untied.

love the new handy-dandy strap I made!

going home, blurry photo of the bear-pig-boar tree stump that Major had to eye suspiciously

Back on the trail it is a long way down the canyon. We mostly just walked this part, no one was in any hurry, and it steep enough with plenty if rocks that neither of us really like to trot it.

a view of the Foresthill Bridge, tallest in the state
the view looking towards lower quarry trail

No Hands heading west is a steeper approach
No Hands, ears and the sun setting behind the canyon

No Hands was crowded with people earlier, but just one lone guy coming back. At the far end there was a little girl who got a gleam in her eye when she saw the horses. I remember being that girl, and always stop when I can. Major stands nicely, and as sweaty and dirty as he was the girl was just happy to be petting a horse.

Black Hole is just a little waterfall right now

closer (but blurrier) view of the stream crossing

The "black hole" as it is called during Tevis is not scary during the day, but after 98 miles and in the dark I could see how the steep trail and water could be tough!

Major enjoying a snack (note my new awesome hubcaps! Orange? why not?!)

We cantered and trotted much of the last part up the hill, both horses seemingly not too tired. The big trough at the staging area was very welcome to them both, and Major tried out my new bucket hooks and smeared mash all over my clean trailer. Not a super fast ride, but not too shabby, with 2,723 feet of climbing and 2,467 of decent over the 15.6 miles, we had a ride time of 3:29. Most importantly, we had a great time!


  1. Looks and sounds like a great ride! How cool to be able to easily haul to some Tevis trail. Hey, nice hubcaps, The Bomber would approve of his little cousins ;)

  2. The Auburn area is so beautiful! You're right, the river looks just as low as it was in October - gotta say I'm glad we're getting some precip finally. What a great ride :)

    Hubcaps: now hunters won't shoot your trailer! ;)