Sunday, August 7, 2011

friday ride

Again disturbing Major's breakfast, we headed out to meet two friends. Scheduling conflicts and horse conflicts meant we hadn't ridden together in one and two years respectively! When I first had Major, my friend D had a very feisty older horse, which was not a good match for calm quiet learning trail rides. She now leases a nice gelding from my friend M, and we all headed out.

It turned into a really nice ride of everyone taking their turn in front, back and middle. Unless he is in the front, Major has crabby/bored ears. I'd say more bored, because they aren't layed back at another horse, more like sideways at irritation of not being in charge and resignation at his horrible state in life. No pity from me!

The other two horses, Sky and Zoe, have lots of trail experience, and we went up and down and around the forest with hardly an issue. Sky was a little crabby, but I told them my favorite saying of "deal with it." He'll learn crabbiness doesn't het him what he wants.

It was a shorter ride, but nice to be done before it got too hot. It was great that Major behaves like a nice grown-up horse, my friend even called him a gentleman! I don't think I'd go that far, but we all had fun.

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