Sunday, July 31, 2011

bananas and turkey

Some random days are made for strange blog titles.

Major will eat almost anything, and I had read somewhere that many horses like bananas. I had a nice slightly-overripe one I took to his paddock this morning. He gladly looked up from his hay to sniff the sweet treat, and took a bite. The look on his face! Then banana projectile being spit out! He took a bite of hay to get the taste out of his mouth. Poor guy, but it was funny. I'll stick to carrots. (He also doesn't like watermelon, which every horse I've ever met loves, or peppermints, which we tried last Christmas with about a 50% success rate at the barn.)

On a short ride today my sharp-eyed friend spotted a pretty dark and white variegated feather. Her horse being black-and-white, it would be perfect for her indian princess costume. She mentioned it could be a turkey feather. Turkey feather! That does not match with my romantic preconceived notions of indian princess! It is supposed to be an eagle! Or at least a hawk! Damn. My feathers are probably turkey (or vulture) too. I was thinking if I kept collecting them I could make Major a feather necklace. Or I could actually do something productive and not be such an embarrassment to my horse.

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