Thursday, August 11, 2011

alone again

Flying down the trail, dodging branches and boulders, leaping steps, faster and faster. Ears are pricked, trying to see around the corner, not looking down at the drop off to rocks and water. Downhill slowing briefly, a tunnel of trees ahead, sure hooves carrying us over the terrain. A ditch, nicely navigated, on to gallop up the hill. Around a corner, now other horses, don't talk long! Alone again, our own path, turn by turn, choices. Left, the correct trail, quieter now, cooler evening air. Walking along, a quick bite of grass, now at pasture home. Free, and a final canter, silly buck and twisty neck, to dinner waiting at the top of the hill.


  1. oh the twisty neck, except I call it flippy head LOL my gelding does it all the time

  2. Flippy head, I like that! I used to ride a mare that liked to do it while riding, and flip the reins to one side of her neck, always fun!