Sunday, August 14, 2011

(final) friday ride

As summer winds down, work picks up, and no more Fridays off. Damn, because Friday rides this year have been great!

Major didn't think this Friday was going to be that fun, he had to go out with the dreaded Ziggy. This is the only horse so far that Major just doesn't like. But I like Ziggy's owner, and Major can deal with it, so we headed down past Granite Bay.

Now Ziggy's last ride was the Patriot's 50 mile endurance race, where he came in 13th. He was pretty ready to go today, but so was Major. Once on the trails we moved pretty quickly, though our average speed really suffers from all the slowing over rocks, technical single track and elevation. We still flew down the trail, Major usually in front being the braver "younger brother" as we call him. At Granite Bay both horses played in the water trough, Major doing his snorkeling impression, and we continued on.

After another mile or so of trotting there is a great fun hill. I led the charge in a full gallop, and we reached the top and took a break. Both horses calmed right down, taking in the view, barely breathing hard at all. We walked down the other side, onto a sandy beach. Major waded right in, and just stood, watching the jet skis on the lake, the lapping waves. He would be content to just stand and take in the view.

We began to head home, moving out pretty fast on a nice sandy trail. And Major was bad! He kicked out a Ziggy at a full canter. Ziggy wasn't that close, it was completely unnecessary, and never acceptable! After a reprimand we continued on, and Major behaved himself but Ziggy was losing it. Front or back, at any gait he was not listening. Finally we stopped and stood awhile. Major calmly stood, but Ziggy danced and pranced, being naughty. So his mom decided to turn around and do more work, I offered to do whatever necessary, but she wanted to school alone (which I totally understand). Major and I turned around, and without a glance back headed off.

A well deserved snack after the ride

Major truly didn't think twice about leaving Ziggy, though I was concerned for my friend. Major was glad to be alone, and we trotted home, moving faster now, really reaching out and extending. And then we were close to home, and walked slowly up the road, getting a good drink from the trough. I took the sweaty saddle off, took off his boots (none came off this trip!), and even hosed off his bridle and reins. After a good bath, I turned Major out in the arena to roll. But lately he has been more interested in snacking on the weeds. I was worrying about him not rolling. Was something hurting him? I put him back in his pasture, where he dropped to the dirt and flopped around, coating himself nicely in mud. No nice arena sand, just mud. Lovely. It still made me smile.

P.S.: My friend arrived back, more frustrated than ever with Ziggy. I've been there, most of us have been there, so I truly sympathize with her. She hasn't had him long, so hopefully it will be time and miles, nothing you can rush.

P.S. #2: I brought home my disgusting girth: wet, sweaty, dirty with burrs. I put it on the patio to hose off, and my cat Thomas thought it was a delightful new thing to roll on. It kept her entertained and she even took a nap with the girth as a pillow. What is with these creatures?

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