Tuesday, August 30, 2011


It is hot. I'm really busy at work. So Major is getting a break. I rode once last week, and hand-walked and grazed Major the other days. I had the saddle fitter out to double-check my saddle fit as well as my balance, that's been it.

I'm not riding, so of course I have no idea why Major has a puffy right rear fetlock, started last Sunday. No lameness (on the longe or in hand). Of course I just longe him around for a few minutes, but he looks and acts fine. Cold hose and hand-walk bring it down, so I'm waiting. I think the vet would prescribe what I'm already doing. If not better next week I'll call, but for now we're both just resting.

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  1. I hear ya. Blaze and I had a busy week away for our endurance ride and beach adventures and next weekend is another endurance ride. This week its hot, I'm sick of the heat, and everyone is kind of in rest mode. I think that's okay too! We all need a break sometimes and if we are forcing things when not truly up to it its probably less productive than just taking a break.