Monday, August 16, 2010

saddle reflocking

My saddle had been causing me lots of concern, so I hadn't ridden much. I made an appointment with Saddles that Fit (who I bought the saddle through) and Susan was able to come out and give me an evaluation. I am so glad it still fits, and some flocking had really just compacted (riding in 2-point will often do that she explained). She had me put it on and off Major many times, checking fits, reflocking and adjusting, had me walk him out and see the saddle move, and do more adjusting. It was fascinating to watch her pull out flocking and put more in, using special tools and technique, such an art. It was a process that took a few hours, but is well worth her expertise. When I got on to ride, the saddle still felt great, and Susan checked to make sure it wasn't pinching any more. Happy to have my saddle back!

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