Monday, August 23, 2010

last friday ride

Back to our regularly scheduled more Friday's off. So went out on a really nice relaxing ride. As we walked up the road to meet our trail riding buddy Major saw the horse coming up the road. His head went up, our walk picked up, and he was just happy to see his friend! His friend is Friday the horse, and my friend Christie. We took a wandering path through the forest, finding familiar trails and deciding to try the canal trail to Beeks Bight. I was hoping that on a Friday we'd avoid the rude people I'd encountered last weekend, and we didi!

The trail along the shore isn't entirely uncovered, so in a few places you need to skirt uphill and find a way along. Both horses willingly went up to the lake, putting noses and feet in. A few little waves came up, Major got a little looky, but was ok. I asked him to walk in, and he certainly likes that, wanting to walk further in. But I have to ask him to stop before the bottom drops off, or we start swimming! One day we'll try that. The horse-eating burned log that tried to get us last weekend is not as scary from the other direction, but did get a sideways look as we went past. The upper trail was a bit hot, some of it is very exposed, but we were going home and they know that trail, so the horses kept up a nice pace with no silliness.

A really nice uneventful ride, our favorite kind. A few spots of trotting, a good hill climb and both of these barefoot horses manage all the rocks and footing just fine. A fine ending to Friday rides...

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